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The simple, the complex and inmmediate

It does not matter if we are architectural visualizers, web designers or we translate research essays. Every time we are working remote, even if we are alone o in a team,  we should have our own way to control what we are doing.

In past articles we have written about having unified communication criteria and how we can improve our works splitting task into smaller. At this moment we will talk about how we can manage the communication inside a creative company in order to give a better and quickly response.

Some years ago we started using Google Docs together with  Jose Lozano. Nowadays we still use it as a must.

The simple

It may seem simple and banal, but the simplicity of the application gives you the chance to use it for a lot of things that I can not imagine right now. What really matters is that Google Docs works as a ‘white paper where many people can write on and change whatever they want at real time’. This is enough for us.

As we have already told about and following a method close to GTD, what we do in that white paper is write down every task, every comment, every revision, every suggestion … everything that any team member thinks that we can do for improving the development of the ongoing assignment.

Three aspects that are fundamental:

1.The notes will be made chronologically and grouped whenever possible (by scope of action, by stage of the process, by responsible person …). The most recent comments will be located at the top of the document.

2.The tasks associated with each annotation that have been done will be crossed out. Then taking a quick look we will know what we have already done and what is still pending.

3.The notes must be concise, unambiguous and may have sketches or the necessary resources attached to be understood.

Quick example (related to Loft Gerona41):

There is no more, in essence it is so. The only thing we have to do, and that is not enough, is to keep the habit of keeping the working document up to date and alive. If we are able to carry this out the benefits has a lot to do with increasing productivity and a lower risk of headaches for everyone.

The complex

Some people would think that there are better applications like ASANA or Trello for the management of tasks and projects. We do not discuss it. We have tried them and we really think that they  are quite good but not as much for the use we are looking for. We see them with too many options and superfluous elements.


It is not about doing things fast, maybe. What really matters is that any person who participates in the development of a project misses the least possible time in knowing what has been done and what remains to be done.

The key is to systematize the internal communication of the company and thus avoid interruptions as many as possible. For this, added to the previous recommendations, whenever we add comments to the list of tasks we should inform the team in a concise way, just to keep them informed.

You can find here the whole process.

In the following articles we will continue talking about the way of working that we do every day and which deals with the improvement of the work processes and communication of creative and design companies

We thank you in advance for sharing it if you liked it and to make us any comments or contributions :)

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